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As a man with the style and flair of NZA New Zealand Auckland, you can go anywhere. Although our collections focus on practical comfort and a robust, casual appearance, it does not necessarily mean that an NZA man is not allowed the pinnacle of smart looks. Of course we use the breathtaking and adventure-filled natural beauty of our homeland as a source of inspiration for everything we create. We want every NZA man to be able to go out every day with the peace of mind that he can face any adventure. However, we know that for lots of men, most adventures do not take place in the dense forests that are so dear to us. Nowadays adventure is usually to be found in the densely populated urban centres that epitomise the modern world. No problem, because the adventure can still be enjoyed in the style which NZA New Zealand Auckland shirts make possible.

Practical and timeless

The shirt is a garment that has earned a place in every wardrobe. For us it is a timeless fashion classic, although we wouldn’t be NZA New Zealand Auckland if we didn’t sit down and come up with our own twist to create a typical NZA shirt. We are happy to fall in with the standard elements in the traditions found in men’s fashion because we love traditions, but we couldn’t resist putting our very own authentic New Zealand slant on it. What we mean by that is that we are mainly keen to things practical because whereas no man knows when adventure will call him, the NZA man is prepared to go a step further. Our shirts are comfortable and smart, yet always airy and light, manufactured from fibres that can take a knock and keep on breathing. Our design choices are all just as practical and down to earth because we believe that the best way you can show your style and taste is not by flaunting it but by setting the right example.

Consciously inspired

Speaking of good examples. All aspects of our clothing is exemplary in terms of the respect we have for our surroundings. Not only the way we design and manufacture, but also the way we deal with our raw materials and suppliers is focused on placing a minimum burden on the environment wherever possible. We are strongly aware of the fact that NZA New Zealand Auckland has been inspired by the landscapes, skies and seas of the breathtaking New Zealand islands since day one. We are not only grateful for this inspiration, we also was to ensure we hold on to it: for future fashion collections and in particular for future generations. This is the reason why choosing an NZA New Zealand Auckland shirt automatically means a choosing to play a responsible role in the world. Fortunately, we know that this is precisely the attitude with which the NZA travels through life, whatever the day may thrust upon him and wherever his next adventure may take him!