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Men’s jackets

Weather and wind are essentially the reasons why NZA New Zealand Auckland man wears his jacket. Not to steal the show, nor to put on a spectacle in fancy haute couture. That attitude seamlessly matches the philosophy from which NZA New Zealand Auckland design their men’s jackets. No fuss nor unnecessary frills; just practical, stylish men’s jackets that can be seen without screaming for attention. NZA coats and jackets do primarily what they were designed to do: offer exactly the right level of protection for every season and any type of weather. Of course, we still incorporate the characteristic NZA New Zealand Auckland look, because whatever the environment demands from you, our rugged, tough and self-assured style will get you closer to your goal.

For years we have supported the idea that as far as men’s jackets are concerned, it’s all about a practical approach. Our vision has not been without success, because a growing number of loyal NZA customers blindly trust the quality that we see as self-evident. NZA New Zealand Auckland men’s jackets provide the best guarantee that you can go out confident that the outside world will not keep you from your goal.

As with all our fashion, our jackets have been designed using the values that we consider essential. First off, it’s tradition. Our New Zealand homeland is steeped in tradition and that is something we wish to honour. At NZA New Zealand Auckland, we do not sail with every tide; we steer our own course, just like the men we design our clothing for. Our second core value is origin. We are aware of our unique origin and it is this too that determines the style of our products. What’s more we respect our roots and want to maintain them. Wherever we can, we design and manufacture NZA New Zealand Auckland men’s jackets using ideas and materials that have as little impact as possible on the environment. After all, how could we make men’s jackets that get you ready for adventure in the wilderness and the open air if we did not cherish that very same nature as our most valuable possession? Our suppliers, manufacturing processes and our entire vision of clothing is based on a deep appreciation of the dramatic landscape to which we owe our inspiration.

Our values are reflected in our designs. Modest use of colours with unnecessary pretentions or fuss. NZA New Zealand Auckland men’s jackets offer what our NZA customers expect from them: protection and warmth, comfort and ventilation but above all the confidence that it does not matter what adventures you may come across because with premium quality men’s jackets from NZA New Zealand Auckland, you will always make it home. No fuss, just style!