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The true NZA New Zealand Auckland customer is always ready for adventure, wherever and whenever it beckons. So obviously it is pretty handy if you are able to stand your ground when the weather closes in. When it’s cold, bleak and wet or when the winter takes the country in its icy grip, then these are the times when NZA New Zealand Auckland sweaters really come in to their own. Lovely and warm and designed for maximum comfort at all times, yet retaining the distinctive NZA style and class that our loyal fans expect from us: these are the sweaters in which you can stand up to any situation. Whether adventure is awaiting you in the New Zealand wilderness, just below the snow line or in the heart of the city where the North Wind calls the shots: wearing a NZA New Zealand Auckland sweater, your day will turn out alright!

No woolly tale

For all of our clothing and for all of our inspiration, we are deeply grateful to the country that made us great. New Zealand’s breathtaking beauty and vast landscapes are vital ingredients in all the wonderful things we have made and will go on making. Perhaps this applies to our sweaters more than to all our other clothing lines put together. This boils down to a simple yet essential element of the New Zealand culture: the sheep. We Kiwis are proud of our sheep farms and the economic activity and prosperity that the sheep has brought to our country. It is really only a matter of gratitude and decency that we want to use the wool from our sheep to create the best sweaters in the world. That’s why NZA New Zealand Auckland tries wherever possible to work with wool and other kinds of textile from suppliers who share our respect for our sources. This enables us to kill at least two birds with one stone. First of all, we take the responsibility that we believe is necessary for all the magnificent things our homeland has given us, and secondly we identify with the ideals of the modern man with taste: that is to say, the typical person who wears our NZA New Zealand Auckland sweaters!

Stylish adventure

Besides having respect and reverence for the sources we draw from, our fashion guarantees a timeless, stylish look that manages to bolster the images of more and more men the whole world over. This is not something we do by pursuing the vagaries of the catwalk or by radiating conspicuous and unnecessarily expensive flair. At NZA New Zealand Auckland we’d rather do what we are good at: making casual, stylish fashion with which you can confidently make your own statement, whatever the day may bring. Having grown up in the midst of rugged beauty, it is obvious to us that proper clothing prepares you for any situation. As such we can guarantee to you that with NZA New Zealand Auckland sweaters, you will be ready for adventure, even when the weather gods show their ugly side!