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Rugby Shirts

NZA New Zealand Auckland holds on to traditions that are inherently connected to the country to which we owe our name. In fact it goes far beyond just the name: we owe everything to the magnificent country where out roots lie. Our traditions can be found in the wild beauty of our countryside as well as in the ancient and rich culture of the original Maori inhabitants. We also have modern traditions, one of which is so close to the true Kiwi’s heart that it gave rise to a unique garment. It is with appropriate pride then that we present our love for the NZA New Zealand Auckland rugby shirt!

Tastefully sporty

How could it be any other way: the classic rugby shirt is a unique garment that seamlessly blends with the distinctive style and philosophy of NZA New Zealand Auckland. Stylish and distinguished, just that little bit different and made for an adventurous and sporty lifestyle. For the true NZA man adventure may be lurking around any corner or behind any door. That is why our background in the Great Outdoors and the ruggedly unpredictable nature of our New Zealand origins go so well with the clothing that we make. However fashionable, stylish and tasteful our men’s fashion may be, it always comes down to the practical basis on which the modern urban gentleman needs to rely on like the explorer in a lonely forest. Maybe this is the key to the New Zealand’s success in rugby; who is to say? At any rate, we are certain that the success enjoyed by NZA New Zealand Auckland rugby shirts can be traced right back to our country’s origins!

Distinctly modest

NZA New Zealand Auckland rugby shirts have been designed with the very same respect for our roots that we apply to all our clothing. We feel deep respect, awe and love for the overwhelming natural beauty that our homeland has given us, so it makes perfect sense to take the greatest care possible o this source of prosperity while conducting our trade. Whenever we can, we embark on partnerships with suppliers who endeavour to keep their impact on the environment as small as possible. This gives the person wearing the NZA New Zealand Auckland rugby shirt the reassurance that he is keeping his carbon footprint at a modest level, because modesty adorns the man, including the NZA man. Of course, our choices in respect of raw materials and way of working do not have any negative consequences for the clothing we make, because quality remains paramount at every step of our design and manufacturing process. A rugby shirt in the NZA New Zealand Auckland collection is a guaranteed contemporary classic for every man who does not hide his sense of taste under a bushel but who doesn’t need to shout it from the rooftops either. Distinguished, natural, responsible and casually stylish go together effortlessly in a product with all aspects of a tradition that we are all proud of. In an NZA New Zealand Auckland rugby shirt, no man needs to shy away from adventure, whatever the day may throw this way!