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Men’s jeans

When adventure calls, NZA New Zealand Auckland always has the answer. Our years of experience in high-end men’s fashion means we know exactly what is required for the modern man to go through life in style, smoothly and self-confidently. These three qualities are illustrative of the excellent men’s jeans that we have developed over the years. At NZA New Zealand Auckland we draw the inspiration for our clothing ranges from the overwhelmingly unspoilt serenity of the New Zealand landscape. The imposing beauty of verdant panoramas, thick forests and wild coastlines inspire NZA’s designers to come up with designs for characteristic jeans for men who are full of character. With clean lines and a well-considered cut, we show that we are not afraid of creating our own style. At the same time, our men’s jeans are proof that appealing and distinguished design does not have to mean we have to sacrifice comfort. It means that in NZA New Zealand Auckland men’s jeans, it does not matter whether your daily living environment is made up of ancient, dense forests or the urban jungle that characterises the beating city hearts of the modern world. The soul of our country inspires us to create clothing for which style, self-confidence and toughness flow together effortlessly into the men’s fashion of the highest quality.

An eye for the source

Through the life he leads, the modern man places high demands on the clothes he wears. We understand like no other that there is a growing number of men who are no longer satisfied with any ordinary jeans. So it’s good for this group in particular to know that NZA men’s jeans go a step further than most other labels. Our experiences of life in extraordinary surroundings are clearly reflected in the extraordinary inspiration that characterises our extraordinary clothing. With this in mind, we design fashion for the man with an eye for the resources he uses. Whenever possible, we work with suppliers who create the finest, natural fabrics in the most eco-friendly and socially responsible manner. Even though the raw materials for making denim need to undergo a number of processes before they can guarantee our level of comfort and toughness, we try to limit the consequences to the natural environment that inspires us. NZA New Zealand Auckland men’s jeans encapsulate our approach: a heart for business and an eye for the source!

Timeless class

The men’s jeans that NZA New Zealand Auckland have included in their collections for years are the ultimate in timeless class. Fortunately, there is a growing number of men with an understanding of style and a feel for the above-average, who know how to appreciate our approach. NZA also has a range of top quality garments in their denim collections for a fair price. As such, we confirm our position again and again, based not on what is dictated on the catwalk, but on our genuine sense of true adventure. Men’s fashion with a craving for adventure and a self-confident feeling for tradition in a modern guise, resulting in this rugged, stylish and tasteful product range from the most inspiring islands in the world.